Shooting Our Shot w/ WNBA Forward Cheyenne Parker

Shooting Our Shot w/ WNBA Forward Cheyenne Parker



Pilot Penny: Hello Cheyenne its such a pleasure to speak with you. Ive been waiting a while to interview with you. Any updates you would like to share with your fans about your current activities? A little something about yourself.

Cheyenne Parker: So I’m currently in South Korea, first time, been here since September, and it has been the toughest time of my life. It really made me question how much I really love this game. We workout more than anywhere I ever been, we run sooooo much. It has truly molded me into an amazing athlete. I’ve reached heights I never even knew I had. At first I resented deciding to play here this season, but I realized I had to come here to appreciate the times when I don’t have to work as hard, I really took it for granted before. But I’m thankful to have had this experience. I’ve been keeping note of it on snap chat and will probably make a blog for it one day when I learn how lol. That’s the reason for the delay on this interview, my apologies, my life has been hectic 😩😂✊🏽

Pilot Penny: Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Cheyenne: The people who have had the biggest influence on my life would be my parents of course, and coaches along the way. Mainly because that’s who I was around for most of my life, who taught me what hard work meant, what bad decisions caused etc

Pilot Penny: Whos is your favorite artist/musician?

Cheyenne: I love Beyoncé, I know it’s so cliche of me, however I am an artist as well as an athlete so I respect what she did with R&B and how she always speaks from her heart, even when it’s ugly.

Pilot Penny: How did you start out in your profession? What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

Cheyenne: I started in 2015 when I was drafted to the Chicago Sky, I also play overseas in between WNBA seasons. what keeps me going mainly is knowing that there is a bigger picture. I want to be the one to make things better for my family, to help them and myself never have to worry about the simple petty things, but to focus on making the world we live in a better place. One step at a time. That’s my motivation

Pilot Penny: How does it feel to not only be blessed to play in the WNBA but also overseas somewhere like Poland? Like seriously, of all places!

Cheyenne: I love the fact that I can play in the WNBA, it’s an amazing platform for my brand and what I want to do later in life. Playing overseas in different countries has been an awesome experience as well, learning other cultures and touring historical places it just a plus. Truly blessed.

Pilot Penny: What is one thing that surprised you about Poland when you first arrived?

Cheyenne: Poland was a beautiful place, the architecture is what impressed me most. The town I was in, Krakow, had a gigantic castle from the 1700’s and of course you know I toured it. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Pilot Penny: Favorite Color?

Cheyenne: Pink

Pilot Penny: Favorite designer clothing brand?

Cheyenne: Calvin Klein, Balenciaga

Pilot Penny: What does a typical day in your week look like?

Cheyenne: Busy busy busy haha, a lot of basketball mainly.

Pilot Penny: What is your ideal swimsuit style? One piece Two piece monokini etc?

Cheyenne: I love my one peices especially the sexy ones

Pilot Penny: Favorite Food/Restaurant?

Cheyenne: Seafooood, King crab

Pilot Penny: Are you single?

Cheyenne: I have a boyfriend of 4 years

Pilot Penny: What is your 1 yr goal? 5 year goal?

Cheyenne: My 1 year goal is to continue to improve my game, and get some endorsement deals rolling. 5 year goal is to have started a family with sufficient funds saved for the future. And of course, be an all star/Olympian.

Pilot Penny: What major obstacles have you overcome in life and how did you do it?

Cheyenne: I was dismissed my senior year of college from my basketball team for failing drug test (weed) it was the biggest hurdle I have faced yet. I continued to have faith in my goal which was to play pro, I never lost hope in that, I continued to work hard and prayed like no other. And the fact that I was still drafted first round, 5th pick showed me, God is real.

Pilot Penny: What do you think/how do you feel about the pay gap between the NBA and WNBA players?

Cheyenne: I think it’s something that will evolve when the time is right, we have to remember the women’s league is fairly fresh, as where the men’s league has been around for decades. Soon enough we will get the money we deserve.

Pilot Penny: Tell us a story about how you beat a guy one on one in BBall and crushed their ego 😄

Cheyenne: (Lol) I play one on one with my boyfriend all the time sometimes I win and sometimes he wins, but he will NEVER admit it lol

Pilot Penny: What are your dimensions/Swimsuit/Lingerie size?

Cheyenne: Hahaha honest truth I don’t know, my body measure change a lot depending on what time of season it is I’m in. But one thing that will never change is my physique, I’ll always have a big butt and small waist

Pilot Penny: How often do you go to the gym? What are your favorite excercises/workouts?

Cheyenne: ALOT lol if we put it in number form weekly, about 12 times a week here in Korea. Not so much in the states but the culture here is work work work. Took some adjusting but I’m better now.

Pilot Penny: Who is your favorite workout partner?

Cheyenne: My boyfriend 😏😍

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Cheyenne Parker (born August 22, 1992) is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Sky of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

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