Shooting Our Shot with Taylor Marie Nelson

Pilot Penny

Pilot Penny: Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?
Taylor M: Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. This book shows you that there is a such thing as more than one perspective on a subject, person, or thing. It tells you that its up to you to figure out what perspective will best benefit your life, and how to move forward with good and bad in your life. I recommend this book especially to those struggling with self-love or feeling stuck in their life.


Pilot Penny: How did you start out in your profession? What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

Taylor M: My profession is Social Media Marketing & Branding but I'm actually transitioning into full time philanthropy with my Non Profit Our Sisters Our Time @OurSisters_ on all socials,  I started out in social media by doing research and realizing how powerful the tool is for business. Later in college, I wrote a book on my research for my senior project in 2016 and come present day, social media is what now pays my bills full time!
My passion has always been giving back to the community and that is why I am making a career shift. There are too many people in this world struggling in their own ways and not enough love & support being spread their way! My nonprofit is geared towards helping adolescent kids, teen moms, and disenfranchised mothers by providing them with the necessary tools to carry on a successful path while Highlighting the Success of Women All Over the World. THIS is what keeps me going. I see that my life can be so much worse when working with families in need and suddenly feel this adrenalin to help in any way I can because they do not carry the resources I can easily get.


Pilot Penny: Favorite Color?


Pilot Penny: Favorite designer clothing brand?
Taylor M: I dont have one! But I do love timeless pieces.


Pilot Penny: What does a typical day in your week look like?

Taylor M: Oh geeze! No day is the same when working for yourself lol! But my daily routine does consist of at least 3-4 hours a day working on myself or my goals I set to accomplish. That takes priority every morning. Another part of my day at the moment is working on Our Sisters big Christmas event for 300 at-risk children between the ages of 4-10, happening December 1st 2018! Our next big event is a Teen Mom & Disenfranchised Mother Bootcamp happening early Spring for 100 women. So between these 2 annual events and running my own business, this is what you would see from me on a daily!


Pilot Penny: What is your ideal swimsuit style? One piece Two piece monokini etc?
Taylor M: I love them all! I'm a pageant girl currently holding the title of Miss West Coast 2018 @MissWestCoast2k18 Miss West Coast Productions - California Beauty Pageant - Miss West Coast and have worn every kind of bathing suit you can think of!


Pilot Penny: Favorite Food/Restaurant?
Taylor M: OMG I LOVE GUMBO. But my favorite restaurant is Chef Marilyn's Souther Cuisineon Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles Ca.


Pilot Penny: Are you single?
Taylor M: Very! And open to relationships.


Pilot Penny: What is your 1 yr goal? 5 year goal?
Taylor M: My 1 year goal is to purchase my first home. My 5 year goal is to have opened up Our Sisters headquarters


Pilot Penny: What major obstacles have you overcome in life and how did you do it?

Taylor M: Deciding not to go back o a 9 -5 job and deciding to work for myself. This has been the most humbling 6 months for me as my income was cut in half. I refused to give up! I let reality really really really sink in and adjusted my lifestyle in order to stay afloat and continue forward. Don't get me wrong I had the nights that I cried but one thing I always reminded myself is that theres always a light at the end of my tunnel. 

Pilot Penny: What are your dimensions/Swimsuit/Lingerie size? You look very very fit girl wowzers 😃.
Taylor M: Smallest size you got! Size 0 or xsmall


Pilot Penny: How often do you go to the gym? What are your favorite exercises/workouts?

Taylor M: I used to go a lot but I am very self-conscious about losing weight because it is so hard for me to keep on. I love going on hikes and walks. Those are my weekly routines.


Pilot Penny: Who is your favorite workout partner?
Taylor M: Our Sisters member Stef! She's always down for a good workout!
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